Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Years y'all!
I hope y'all had an amazing Christmas and I hope y'all have an amazing week planned to start the new year of 2015!
I have many things I could share this week... but I feel impressed to share a fairly simple and somewhat comical experience.
Yesterday my companion and I went to track down a member of the group that we haven't seen at church yet. We drove off towards the address we were provided... but as we arrived to the place where our GPS led us to, we quickly realized that we were going to have to do some hunting to find this guy. None of the mail boxes had house numbers on them and there was no way to tell which house was his! So we pulled into a house that was our best guess as where this brother might be living and went up to the door to knock and find out if he was there. No luck. We went back to the car and went to pull out of the houses driveway... but all a sudden, our car came to a complete stop without explanation. My companion and I looked at each other with puzzled faces before jumping out of the car to see what the might be causing our car to be stuck. It turns out that we had driven into a hidden yet very thick and deep mud hole.... and our front tires were now completely submerged and stuck in the thick Georgia mud. We weren't very happy to say the least... especially since we had much to do that day. We tried everything we could to get ourselves unstuck... but all of our attempts only made things worse and got ourselves more stuck. Eventually we had to call a member to come and tow us out with his big truck. But here's the best part... as the member arrived and started to pull our car out of the mud... the good brother we had gone to that area to find drove by and saw this bizarre scene. He decided to turn around and come back to find out what was going on... which led to us being able to meet him, get his phone number and find out which house he lived in.
Now, there's many lessons to be learned here... but what I want to share is this: sometimes we set a goal and we're working hard and doing our best to achieve it... but then all a sudden, we find ourselves unexpectedly and frustratingly "stuck in the mud"'. It seems that we're wasting time... not moving forward and maybe even making things worse the harder we try to accomplish our goal or start moving forward again. But this is what I know... I know that God can and will help us accomplish the goals worthy and righteous goals that we've set. He has a perfect plan for us to follow that will enable us to do so... and I know that sometimes He loves enough to lead us into a seemingly sticky pit of mud to help us accomplish what we're trying to do. Sometimes we need to get that point where we're stuck so we can learn to rely on Him and His help to accomplish what we want to accomplish... in fact, it's when we hit that "stuck" point that we can rest assured that God is about to reveal His plan and power to us to accomplish our goals and receive of the happiness that He wants to grant us. As we remain faithful, as we keep working hard and doing our part, as we remain patient on the Lord and His timing... and as we reach out and ask for His help... I know that the God will always come through for us in the end and that things will work out. They always work out.
I invite each of you to keep this in mind as you set your goals this year and keep working on the goals from this last year that you may feel like you're "stuck" on. You can do it! God is with you and will be with you as you keep going. 
I know that God lives and that He loves us. I know He sent Christ to help us get "unstuck" if we've got ourselves stuck by disobeying His commandments and I know that everything will be ok according to His plan!
Love you tons,
Elder Wahlen

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