Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pictures from the field

We got these yesterday on an email I think from the woman he was taking to.  Best Thanksgiving present ever!

New pictures

I got these pictures off of his mission facebook page

Happy thanksgiving from Atlanta

Hey y'all,

Sorry! Last minute email from leadership ate up the time I had planned on emailing y'all....
Just wanna say a couple things... happy Thanksgiving and I love you!!!! Grace is the light that gets us through the tunnel, not the light at the end of the tunnel.

-Elder Wahlen

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hey Mom

I thought I would add my email this wee as it has some points of interest,

Thanks for emailing me :)
The weather here hasn't been too bad but Elder Savage sure is glad you sent him that jacket hahaha. Things are going good here... transfers are on Wednesday and the Zone is getting changed A LOT but Elder Savage and I are staying here and staying together. We had a baptism this last Saturday... it was great. Super cool experience. Super crazy day that ended so well. I haven't got your DVD package yet but I'm guessing it will be here today.
Things I need this week:
-Chef Hai rice/seasonings (gave them away and they loved it)
-Matching ties for Elder Savage and I... we don't have many that match and we match every day to show unity
-Gospel Principles book
What are the plans for Thanksgiving? We might go play in a Turkey bowl in the morning... trying to find some more fun yet appropriate things to do out here... trying to maximize our talents for the Lord in doing His work... that was our lesson in church and it really hit me so we're going to try some new creative things.
Love you tons!

hello, hello, hello from paradise, ATL

Hey y'all,

Good to see you again... how's yuor day? I love this time of year. It's all about family. Isn't that interesting? This time of year is all about family... yet the weather and everything else testifies and reminds us of the Saviors death and sacrafice? I don't think that is a coincidence... He did it for us so that we could be together as eternal families... so we could return and live once again with our Heavenly Father... that just kind of came to me so sorry if that makes NO sense haha.

So this week... wow. So many things!!!
Let's see if I can get a couple stories in here...
The first one... so we've been blessed enough to learn and grow alongside of an incredible young man named Chris.... Chris was baptized this last Satuday... and that was an incredible experience and miracle!!! However, the journey that my companion and I had to make it to the baptism on time... wow! That was a miracle itself!

 So here's the short verison... my companion and I were about 40 minutes away the morning of the baptism helping out with a stake activity... we not only helped with the activity itself by participating, but we helped plan some things that the stake wanted help with from the missionaries in our zone.... again, long story short but what ended up happening was we got A LOT of things thrown on us last minute... so instead of leaving when we needed to in order to get the the baptism on time, we had to stay and help make some things happen... once we finally left, our GPS said we'd be about 5 minutes early to the baptism... however that didn't include the rush hour traffic or the fact that I had forgotten an extra white shirt and we needed to go back to the apartment to grab one!!! So what did we do??? We prayed. We prayed and asked God to somehow help us make it there on time... and lo and behold... nearly EVERY light we hit was green and we hit nearly EVERY opening in the traffic. I've literally NEVER seen so many green lights in my life hahaha.

 It was amazing... Elder Savage cmopared it to "Remember the Titans" on the last play when the lead blocker is leading the way for the running back who is running for the game-winning touchdown... he said that God, the Savior and the host of angels were out in front of us just knocking the lights green and knocking the advesary out of the way so we could make it there... it truly was awesome haha.

 But you know what??? It's so true... just like the Lord helped us make it there on time and safely... and just like that lead blocker led the way for the running back to make it to the endzone... our Heavenly Father, the Savior and the hosts of angels who are charged concerning us literally will lead the way for us to recieve eternal life... and all we have to do is follow them. Follow the teachings of Christ... follow His example... and pray and ask for guidence to follow that path. They know where to go... and they're clearing the way for you and your family.

Gotta run! 60 seconds... I love y'all so much.
-Elder Wahlen

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hey y'all, 
Very short story here...
Went on a team-up with Mike. Mike is from Rwanda and has seen and experienced a lot of incredibly hard things.... during our teaching appointment, Mike shared an experience that I wanted to share.

Mike was thrown into prison for being a "tootsie"... which is merely someone who looks a certain way. He was set to be executed by firing squad along with a mother who had killed her child (she was mentally unstable) and two soliders who had been charged with theft. While in the prison cell, hiding in the corner, scared out of his mind... the women started to sing a song about Christ. The two soldiers began to beat her to try and make her stop. Mike, sitting in the corner asked "Why are you beating her? We're all about to die... we should stop and pray". The soldiers eventually stopped and the women turned to Mike and said "You're a good man. You will not be killed". Meanwhile, Mike was praying that he would be safe... yet he was still certain that he would be killed and that his prayers would go un-answered.

 A short time later, they were taken out to a garage and lined them up to be shot. The two soldiers were first... as their charges were announced, they both promptly tried to blame the other for their crimes... they went in vain and they were subsequently shot. The women was next (who was still singing)... they ended up deciding to not execute her due to some sort of standard they had to follow to show that she was guilty the the public... so they took her away and next up was Mike. 

They asked for his name and why he was there... he responded and told them why... they asked why he had been brought to be executed for such a small thing (although this was common to execute those considered to be "tootsie") Mike told them that he wasn't sure... and then a miracle happened. The captain in charge of the squad decided to let him live. He was placed back in prison. Some time later (after nearly a month of no food) another prisoner in the jail said "Don't worry. Soon we will go to America". Mike, although praying to be set free, thought the man had lost his mind.

 Some days later, the US embassy discovered their location and set them free... and sent them here to America!!! 

So what did Mike learn from all of this??? God listens and answers prayers... we just have to be paying attention and look for those answers. We have to be open to receive them... and we have to recognize them when they come.

I add my testimony to his that God lives and answers our prayers. Just pay attention and you'll see them answered :) I love you all so much. Have a blessed day.

-Elder Wahlen

Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello, hello, hello

Hey y'all,
Ok so super short again today... so sorry!!!
So we were teaching this man... he's about 50 years old... and he is a gentle giant!!! I love him... but what has been truly amazing during our discussions with him is his recognition of the truths that are being taught to him by the spirit... and his ability to recognize that he knew of these things before... as he has been taught, he's made comments like... "It's like it there already... it's like I already know these things!" and other such comments... it's been such a testimony builder to me that we were with our Heavenly Father before this life. Truly amazing. We're so blessed.
I love each of you so much. Happy Hollidays!
-Elder Wahlen

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Subject: Re: Last week in Oct.
Thanks for keep me updated! I went golfing this last week for P-day with the Stake Highcounciler over missionary work... I shot 46 on 9... the clubs were too flexible though... you would've loved it though... the first hole I got par and then my putting kinda killed me but I did solid for most of the day. I learned some things while I was out there though... I had a few shots I had to hit through an alley of tree's... and all I focused on was where I needed and wanted to hit it... not the tree's... life and the gospel is very similiar... we gotta just keep our eye on the Savior and eternal life... no matter how many tree's get in the way... I also had a shot from about 140 out on the first hole that I almost got to drop... it ended up a few feet from the hole. I missed you out there. We'll for sure go golfing way more when I get back. I had a blast.
love you tons,
-Elder Wahlen

An email sent to me (Marks mom)

Thanks for emailing me again this week :) Yes, I got everything and yes, everything has been amazing. I gave one pair of the shoes away to Elder Popp who lives with us in the apartment and EVERYONE LOVED the bread... they're dying for some more. We ate one of them the same day we picked it up haha. The people who like black licorice love the candies too. The cards are here I just haven't had any time to send home my card so I'm sorry for no pictures. I'll try and get one with President and Sister Harding on Wednesday... Elder Oaks came and I got to shake his hand! It was awesome... sorry for not emailing much last week... we had no time!
Things are going well here... we're just super, super busy! One of my favorite missionaries got transfered last night... his name is Elder Provstgaard so I'm a little sad about that today... he's been in the apartment since I got here in ATL. Going to be strange not having him around. Teaching lots of amazing people... things are good! Can't believe its Halloween this week!
Things I need:
Nothing really... just anything you want to send! We love getting your packages.. they always make me happy!
Love you tons and keep doing those thing each and every day! We show our love and honor Christ with our actions, thoughts and desires... keep it up!
Your son,
-Elder Wahlen

Thought this would be a good one to post

Happy Halloween from the ever cooling ATL

Hey y'all,
How are you today? Do you know that God loves you? that He knows exactly who you are and what is best for you? Ok, just checking :)
Alrighty... where to start?? Maybe the crazy story about our Bishop laying on the floor in his office showing us back exercises? Maybe talking about how we were blessed to shake the hand of Elder Dallin H. Oaks?? Maybe the story about one of my best friends here in the mission field being emergency transfered? I dunno... so many!!!
How about a golf analogy???? (ask my Dad about that one)
Well... to be honest, I only have 2 minutes so I'll make it short and sweet...
I don't have time to tell any stories today... and I'm deeply sorry for that. I'll do better this next week... but I do just want to say that every small act of love and of making the right choices has BIG implications. Keep doing those small and simple things, especially for others.
I love you!
-Elder Wahlen