Monday, January 5, 2015

How are all y'all doing today? I pray that things are going well for you and your family! This last week has been great here in Franklin... many trials and many miracles! 

I wanted to share a bit of my experience that I had yesterday during the groups fast and testimony meeting service....

As many of you may know, the group meets in the home of a member. Well, as you can imagine there's not too much space for seating... which hasn't been a problem as we've had about 25 to 27 people attending each week... but yesterday we had a record 42 people attend our group! The house was literally packed. It was so full that we were scrambling to find more room for seating and more sacrament water cups to be filled to accommodate everyone all the way up until the sacrament hymn started to be sung. The scene and spirit was a bit rough around the edges with all the shuffling, instruction giving and moving... but what happened next certainly smoothed things out. 

As the sacrament hymn concluded and the first sacrament prayer was offered... wow, I wish you could have been there! The entire home fell completely silent and still... and the Spirit descended upon us all. The Spirit came into that home so powerfully as the sacrament was administered... it was almost as if Christ Himself had entered into the home and service. Everyone, including the many children in attendance didn't speak or move throughout the entire administration. The great Spirit and reverence that came from the blessing and passing of the sacrament continued throughout the meeting. 

I share that simple experience and my simple testimony of the sacrament. It's the most important thing we can do each week together as families. I know that as we partake of the sacrament weekly, that our souls are being filled with bread and water that will quench all hunger and thirst forever more. The sacrament represents the body and blood of Jesus Christ... who I testify is our Savior. It's blessed by the priesthood authority of God which I know and testify only exists in this restored church. I invite each of you to begin today to prepare to partake of the sacrament this next week with a renewed focus on the Savior. I promise as you prepare yourself each and every day of this week for this upcoming sacrament that you will feel of the Spirit more richly in your life and that you'll have a new and powerfully profound spiritual experience this next week.

I love you tons! Have a blessed week
-Elder Wahlen

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